Forte Focus

The Forte Focus

Forte Focus is the vision and identity of Forte Capital Group, and it brings highly insightful research and market commentary direct to our brokers and our clients.

The Forte Focus Process

The Forte Focus process begins with our strategic partnership with a team from Independent Global Research. Our analytic team consists of 12 of the brightest minds in the world, working together to provide clients with in-depth research. All of the Senior Technical Analysts carry STA, MSTA or CMT qualifications and use precision, discipline, and unique methods to accurately comprise insightful, one-of-a-kind research.

Our Independent Global Research team works worldwide from their New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong locations. They provide valuable insight into many investment products, including equities, ETFs, fixed income, currencies and commodities, and they do it twenty-four hours a day.

The Forte Focus Centerpiece

Forte Focus targets two overall portfolios; short-term and mid-term investment portfolios. Short-term portfolios capitalize on momentum opportunities while mid-term portfolios couple fundamental research with our proprietary technical process. These two overall portfolios are recommended focal points for any business or individual investor, and require the perfect balance between protecting the investor’s current assets.

The Forte Focus Purpose

The purpose of Forte Focus is to provide our clients with an unprecedented level of research to ensure they have a smart portfolio. The data they produce isn’t just numbers on a page—it is actionable research that assists our brokers and clients in making educated decisions on their investments.

Additionally, Forte Focus allows us to distribute directly to our existing clientele, so they, too, can be informed on what the market has in store. Our newsletters, including the Week in Review, Smart Beta, and the Monthly Global Macro Outlook [LINK to Insights Page], help keep our clients up to date.

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