Strategic Alliances

Our Strategic Alliances

Through strategic alliances with key players in the industry we are able to offer our clients notable investment opportunities.

Ceros Financial Services
By affiliating with Ceros Financial Services, we are able to offer our clients an abundance of products and services, many of which are proprietary. These offerings include investment banking, a syndicate platform, an insurance platform, and managed money. Ceros Financial Services was founded in 1947, and, like us, makes customer service a priority.

S&P Global Market Intelligence
Previously known as S&P Capital IQ, this firm went through a series of name changes and merges before transforming into the S&P Global Market Intelligence it is known as today. They are a valuable asset to our firm because they give us access to their research and performance reports, as well as technical analysis breakdowns. S&P Global Market Intelligence has won multiple awards for the depth of their data and insights on the global financial markets. With this data, in addition to our own research efforts, we are able to help our clients make more informed investment decisions.

At Forte Capital Group, we are continuously forming new relationships and nurturing current ones to ensure that we have access to the financial solutions our clients desire. While the above firms are undoubtedly key players in our network, our strategic alliances are vast.